The Act 2 Message

How we will Repair the Republic and Restore the Dream

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Prologue to Book

  Comments on liberty; Q & A;
Letter from Act 2 founders;
Thoughts on the 4th of July

What Happened In Washington?

Commentary on
political developments

Our Tipping Point

Our answer to Charles Murray’s latest book, By the People; We have solutions

Back from the Brink

Outline of the reform blueprint; Explanation of five amendments; Admin action

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Catalog of Problems

Round up of federal
government problems

Proposed Amendments

Handouts for group study and
discussion of 5 amendments

Other Handouts

Single sheet handouts for
talks and meetings


Act2Movement @Act2Movement
Act2 Movement  @Act2Movement
School is starting! Time for a refresher on our Founding Principles! Where do we come from and where are we now?